Monday, July 25, 2011

Water Marble Sucess!

Hi bloggers!

After several attempts, I finally got a water marble I was happy with! It took a little tweaking of my colors to get it to work out well. The colors I used from left to right were: a silver/light grey from Love & Beauty, For Audrey from China Glaze, Confetti from Jesse's Girl, and Purple With a Purpose from OPI.

I used Love and Beauty as my base color. The picture is a little foggy. It was so humid out my lens kept fogging up! This is only one coat. 

Originally I wanted to use this color as part of my actual water marble but it just wasn't wanting to work well with the other colors so I had to lose it, leaving only three color in the actual water marble. I really, really liked how this one turned out. In the pictures, it's kind of hard to see the Confetti but when it would catch the light just right, it looked so pretty!

Hope you enjoyed and have learned from my water marbling mistakes!