Thursday, July 7, 2011

Princess Nails Continued -Pic heavy!

After yesterday's post about my Cinderella Nails, I was set on seeing how my other idea of princess nails would work. Growing up in the generation which had Disney engrained in every girls head, I have princess on my mind all the time.

Yesterday I was thinking that American Apparel's Echo Park and OPI's I Lilly Love You, would make the most perfect Aurora color. I'll show the pictures first and see what you think.

Combination of American Apparel's Echo Park under OPI's I Lilly Love You:

Much to my dismay, it turned out purple-looking! This reminded me of Jasmine more than Aurora! So After this, I tried a white base underneath OPI's I Lilly Love You. 

The white base I used is just ORLY's Smoothing Primer Basecoat Ridgefiller. I painted two coats of that to get a smooth milky base, and did two coats of OPI I Lilly Love You.

A Picture of the bottle: I love the flakes that OPI is using, but they're kind of hard to work with, they do not like to lay flat on the nail and take some patience! 

This was perfect for the Aurora-y type look I wanted! This is also only one coat of Seche Vite, which I probably could have added another just to make it smooth. This look so so nice, not too obnoxious, but definitely feminine (without looking childish). 

I hope that this wasn't too kiddish for all of you! What are your favorite combinations? I love finding new ones!


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