Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Matte Polka Dots

Hey Bloggers!

So this design my boyfriend actually picked out. This past weekend we were both sitting on our laptops, looking through our regular websites and he happened to look over at mt screen and see a matte nail polish designs that had different color polka dots all over and told me that it had to be the next thing I did on my nails so here we go! As I said before, I love accent nails so I only did the polka dots on my ring fingers.
 I used Metro Chic Matte from Sephora by OPI as a base coat on all of my nails. For the dark purple dots (which are a little hard to see in the photo) I used Grape Pop from China glaze, the gray dots were Dove by Zoya, and the white dots were White on White by China Glaze. Even though the Metro Chic was matte, I wanted the polka dots to be matte too so I used China Glaze's Matte Magic. I really, really liked how it turned out so props to my boyfriend for picking it out!! lol 

Hope everyone's week is going well! Be on the look out for another water marble this week from me hopefully!

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