Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Ghosts

Hi bloggers!

Here is another easy Halloween manicure featuring some pretty flakes and a ghost or two! I bought two different Halloween polishes from the drug store and this purple flaky goodness was one of them. It was definitely more of a jelly than I had expected so I had to layer on the polish and I still didn't get it as dark as I had wanted. I should have done a test to see if I needed to put down a darker base coat or not, but I obviously didn't. I wanted the purple to sort of look like the night sky, a dark purple or blue would have done the trick as a base. For the ghost accent nails I used China Glazes White on White and Liquid Leather.

Obviously if you wanted all of your nails to have different ghosts, you could do every nail or every other or whatever you'd like but you guys know how I love my accent nails!

Also, I noticed with this manicure and a few others that cheaper drug store nail polishes smell. I realize that ALL nail polish smells when you put it on but cheap nail polish doesn't loose it's smell over time like higher end polishes do. I know it's something that isn't a huge deal and might sound a little snobby but sometimes I get a whiff of it a few days later and it's just gross! Has anyone else noticed that? 

Hope you enjoyed!

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