Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Post: Pink Water Marble

Hi bloggers!

Here is my last Breast Cancer Awareness Post and it is a pink water marble! I tried a few different color combinations, as well as different color orders before I got something that actually worked well. The colors from left to right: China Glaze Fuschia, OPI Play the Peonies, and Sephora by OPI BYOBoy. 

Be sure to do your part this month to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Donate money, participate in a charity walk/race, donate your time to the charity walk/races, do something and get involved to help cure breast cancer! Besides painting my nails to show my support, I donated money to support the cure! Keep in mind that you can support the cure year around, not only during certain months so get out there and help support the fight for any and all cancers because we all know of someone who has or had some form of cancer or another.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post on breast cancer awareness and showing us your nails! They look pretty and cool at the same time, I'm definitely going to show my wife this she would love it. Thank you again for sharing!