Saturday, October 29, 2011

Game day and Halloween!

Hi everyone! We had another game last weekend and of course I wore black and orange!

I would LOVE to tell you about these polishes, but honestly, I got them in a six pack (neon purple, neon pink, neon orange, black, black sparkle, orange sparkle) from.... MEIJER! They're mini's and they were great for this look! They went on really well with not a problem! They lasted forever! And, I don't even know what they're called.. sorry guys!

The orange went on SO well, HONEST, this is one coat. I loved this look and so did many parents and players that saw them! The orange contrasted really well against the the black. I loved it and I CANNOT wait for Halloween on Monday. I have a great nail look for this Saturday and I hope it can continue through Halloween!

I hope everyone is enjoy the almost holiday season! Be safe this weekend!!


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