Friday, October 14, 2011

OPI Mummy Knows Best

Hi guys! Gosh, I know I am always apologizing about not posting, my life has been crazy! I honestly have not had my nails painted in at least a week. How awful. 

Football season is still raging on. We are now on week 6 of 10! Things have been going good. I am just so busy with my school, teaching in a middle school, and of course football. It's been crazy! 

OPI is so great. This is Mummy Knows Best. A pure white from the Halloween Mini's from this year. I  absolutely love having white nails. It's honestly my new favorite. I just love having clean looking nails! It makes me think of a blank slate, or a clean start. It's just so nice!

By the way, this was totally taken at practice. Can you see one of the boys running in the background. hahaha so funny.

Application was perfect, no chalkiness or goopiness. Mummy Knows Best is a dream and it's definitely my #1 white nail polish. The only little thing is, the edges (sides of my nails) never come out smooth and with white you can really tell - yikes!

I hope everyone is enjoying the change of weather and the cooler temperatures. I know I am! We're going to pick out some pumpkins this weekend!

I will do better at this, I promise.


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