Friday, October 21, 2011

Finding Cancer Survivior Networks

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Recently we were contacted by David Haas, a strong advocate for cancer patients to see if we would allow him to do a guest post on our site. As you guys know, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we've done several posts showing our support for the cure but here is a little bit more information that David wanted to share with our readers!

There are a number of benefits to cancer survivor networks. However, one difficult thing about these networks is that is can be difficult to find one applicable to you. There are support groups for all different kinds of cancers including common cancer like breast cancer and even rare cancers such as mesothelioma.  Finding a cancer network that provides support for the type of cancer you have will be able to provide you with emotional support.
Emotional support is very positive and uplifting, it is just what many cancer patients need after having gone through many harsh treatments such as chemotherapy. Many doctors actually go so far as to recommend that their patients seek out cancer support networks in order to help with treatment. Chances are if you are undergoing treatment for cancer your doctor will suggest that you seek out a survivor network to help you on the road to recovery. 
The American Cancer Society is a great way to network and find support programs and services. Their website, contains a list of a number of services and programs to benefit those undergoing cancer treatments. Support groups are beneficial to those with just about any type of ailment. But, when you consider the personal struggles that individuals have to go through with breast, or testicular cancers you can start to see the validity in having a knowledgeable and caring person to talk to about your own personal issues. 
Forums and email are a great way to find support. Many cancer networks have both of these services available to members. Often times you can find free forums online that are made specifically by survivors to help other survivors or those that are still battling cancer cope with the problems that they are facing. Even though friends and loved ones care and would like to provide support there is nothing as good as being able to confide in someone who personally knows what you are going through. Of course the support of one’s personal friends and loved ones is as important as being able to find solace and support in a Cancer Network. Online you can learn to cope by finding facts and information about your cancer, your treatment, and other things you may want to know. There are never charges for services offered online by the American Cancer Society as they have been put in place for the benefits of suffers and survivors alike.
By: David Haas
As we've said before, we all know of someone who has had to battle with cancer and it is important that they know they are not alone. Help change the lives of those you love and help fight for the cure, reach out to the support networks and volunteer your time and/or money and make a difference. It's never to late.

We want to thank David for this great guest blog post! If you want to check out some good content that isn't so beauty related (but very important), check out is blog here.

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