Monday, August 22, 2011

Girly Pink Glitter

Hi bloggers!

Alright, getting back on track with posting things regularly starts now!

Here is another polish from Forever21's Love & Beauty line that has no name. I grabbed it because it reminded me of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream but sadly, it isn't as glittery or as girly in my opinion as Teenage Dream is but it is still pretty and still very girly. And once again, super cute bottle!! To get this as glittery and girly as I wanted, I would have had to have done at least 3 coats, this is only with 2 coats. 

Just a quick one to ease back into things but we'll be posting more this week!


  1. I love these polishes from F21! :) I bought all the shades because I love how they look like gel nails after drying. The polishes actually do have names on the sku sticker and online.

  2. My bottles always just say the color what it is but you're right, they do post the color names online! I'll have to start checking online to get them, I didn't even think about doing that.