Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My First Franken: Glittering Pearls

Hi bloggers!

A while ago I posted about making my own franken polishes and here is my first one! For this one, I used a bottle of Wet N Wild clear nail polish and mixed in four different kinds of Nyx eye shadow pigments. The colors from left to right are: Glitter Mania in Crystal, Ultra Pearl Mania in Fanta Pearl, Ultra Pearl Mania in Mink Pearl, and Ultra Pearl Mania in Lilac Pearl.

I tried to keep an equal amount of the colored pigments in the mix but the Fanta Pearl color seemed to be more pigmented than the others so I put less of it in the mixture. It is kind of sheer but I still really like how it turned out! I plan on making each of the colored pigments into their own polish, not sure but we'll see.

Be on the look out for more and more frankens from me!!


  1. Thanks girl! I was nervous with how it was going to turn out, being my first time making on and all but I'm really happy with it :)