Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grow Baby, Grow!

Hi Bloggers!

So I know Brielle and I both suffer with nails that tend to break easily and that peel and I'm sure some of you probably do too. Neither of which are fun to deal with. I decided to use a product that I've had and used before but didn't give it a real good trial to see if there was any benefit to using it. The product is Grown Nails Now! by Sally Hansen. In the picture below my nails are bare, just filed and freshly buffed.

The directions on the back of the bottle say: Brush generously over nails and cuticlues; gently massage in. Let nails dry before applying nail enamel, or wear alone for a natural look, so that was exactly what I did!

I did this for seven days. I haven't gone that long without putting on polish in a long time. As you can see there was a good amount of growth during the week, although it is hard to know how much my nails would have grown naturally without this product. Right now, I'm dying to paint my nails so going another week without putting anything on them might kill me. Okay, over exaggeration but still! My nails did grow and they did feel stronger than the normally do so there was a difference while using this Sally Hansen product.

 I will probably be putting this product in my pre-mani routine, which I will be blogging soon to show you all! I also plan on trying out some other growth products in the future because after all, who wouldn't want longer, stronger nails?


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