Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad few days for Nail Polish...

Okay guys. I never knew what bubbling was in nail polish for the longest time. Seriously.

I can't remember the first time it happened, but I'm pretty sure I didn't even notice it then. My reaction was probably like, oh what's that? there's dirt stuck in there. Dang.

I now know what absolute bubbling looks like.

OPI Designer Series Ruby. I got this polish probably three or four Christmas's ago from Adam's Aunt who works at a cosmetics distribution center. I was like, "Oh, thanks..." (thinking it would never be a polish I would wear... at the time it looked total old ladyish). Finally about three weeks ago, I was getting bored with my collection and wanted something different. Here comes DS Ruby. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about this polish.

Application was a dream, no surprise, but. BUT. I ran out of Seche Vite last week and I'd forgotten how awful regular top coats are! I ran to the CVS down the road and picked up the cheapest top coat I could find, just to get me through (NYC "Long Wearing" Extra Shiny Top Coat) all fine and good. So, applied two thin coats of Ruby and then a coat of NYC top coat (I use Nail Life Gripper as a base --Love it!). After waiting forever to get no dings, I see BUBBLES GALORE! Seriously? This beautiful polish was tarnished by BUBBLES! Ugh! Here are some pictures:



The beautiful holo in this polish.

Cool Undertones

Right before this polish, I had whipped out Zoya's Demi. This was the first polish I bought from Zoya. Probably sometime late last year. A perfect deep Purple, like an eggplant color. I thought I would be in love.

The application was horrendous. Gloopy glops all over my nails, strings of polish pulling from the brush. Nothing good about it. Disappointing yet again. As I used my last bit of Seche Vite with this polish, I figured it'd be on there for a few days. NOPE. This picture is of my nails less than 12 hours after application:

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Zoya, I almost always participate in their promotions and their polish is usually great, but this was totally unacceptable. I'm going to buy some thinner (another first) and see if that helps Demi out from the gloops. 

Well, I'm going to enjoy the nice weather with bubbly polish, hopefully I'll live ;)


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