Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's My Year

Hi bloggers!

Just a simple NOTD post. This lovely color is It's My Year from OPI from the Miss Universe Collection. A picture in the sun and in the shade which I typically don't post but it's hard to get a picture of the true color because of the shimmer, it's just beautiful!
 I also wanted to talk about a buffer I recently purchased from Sephora. Like most make up enthusiasts, I love Sephora and all of the brands they have but every once and a while there are products that aren't so great, this buffer is one of them.

The honeycomb side is the buffing side and the opposite side is the polishing side. I barely began to buff my nails and saw rather large pieces of my nail being taken off so I immediately stop buffing. If you are a usual nail buffer like, Brielle and I, you would have done the same thing! If you weren't paying attention and weren't careful as to how much you buffed your nails, you could easily over-buff them to the point where they would be very thin, uncomfortably thin and cause breaking. I would not recommend anyone buying this buffer. This definitely isn't changing my views on Sephora, I still love Sephora, they just missed the mark on this product in my opinion. 

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. That polish is BEAUTIFUL!! I followed your glitter gradient how-to and loved it, you'll be credited in tomorrow's blog post :-) thank you!! xx

  2. Yay!! So glad it worked well for you! You're welcome and thank you in advance :)