Monday, September 19, 2011

OPI Spookette's - He's My Boo


Okay, Halloween is legit my favorite Holiday. No joke. I LOVE IT! Pumpkins, Candy, Dressing up, CANDY! Ahh!

So of course, I ALWAYS buy the halloween collections from the polish companies... It's my vice.

So, here's what I got:

To be honest, I usually HATE mini's. You'll see Lindsey with them, but not me. I just hate how little they are, how little the hole is, how the brush isn't a pro-wide which I ADORE, etc. But these are the BEST mini's I've EVER bought! Not kidding. They applied so well, no gloops or glopes.

These were also my gameday nails. The football team I work for color's are orange and black (how perfect, right?) and so I usually do a gameday mani (watch out for more of these :))

Okay, you know me, I can never not have tipwear, and not kidding, I took these on the field at our game, so sorry for the poor quality. But I mean do you see that foot? Yep, that's a cleat. The boy standing next to me was like uhh... are you taking pictures of your nails, and I just said yep! Hahaha I totally forgot to take them before the game and I knew that if I waited they would be goners.

Okay, I used two coats of He's my boo and one coat of CND's Gold shimmer. SO PRETTY. (Of course I topped it off with Seche Vite because I have NO patience for any other top coat). The shimmer looked so so so so pretty with the orange. Such a pretty combination.

We ended up losing, but it's okay, I love the boys anyways!

I hope everyone has a good week!


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  1. Usually not a fan of oranges, but that one was nice. :)