Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OPI Brisbane Bronze


Seriously, my life has been ridiculous lately. Football has definitely taken over! I rarely have my nails painted because they always chip like 2.5 seconds later.

We've had our first game, so things are getting back to a normal routine, finally. Hopefully I'll do a weekly blog with my game day polish! Last year I did Oranges and designs, it was fun! I'll try and keep up on it!

This was after our first game:

On to the nails! Along with the post Lindsey did, I am transitioning into Fall. I LOVE FALL! Omg. It's my absolute favorite time of year, I love football, the cooler weather, EVERYTHING! While I wear whatever colors I want all year round, I usually find myself leaning toward the darker colors during fall. I almost always find myself with Oranges or browns or deep purples on my nails.

I figured for the first days of fall (after Labor Day!) I would try a bronze color that would work nicely in the summer with a tan and in the fall because it matched the leaves and footballs!

This is OPI's Brisbane Bronze a perfect color for the beginning of fall! UH! It just shimmers and looks so great on. Everyone always comments on how nice my nails look (while not being too ostentatious!). Of course the application was a dream, I love OPI. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning days of fall! I know I am! Enjoy some college football and hot cocoa! 

Love love love!
Brielle & Adam

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