Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Signature Look

 Hi bloggers!

While Brielle has a favorite color, I have a favorite look. It's just so hard for me to pick a single color so today I'm sharing with you all my favorite look which is the accent nail! I love doing an accent nail because I get to use more than one color and typically get to use a glitter polish (which from my last post, we all know I love!!). For this look I used two butter LONDON polishes, All Hail the Queen and Rosie Lee as an accent.

This combo is one that I have worn multiple times which is surprisingly, I don't wear the same color combos a lot but this one always catches my eye and they just go perfect together! I'll be wearing this mani this weekend for a wedding I'm going to (my dress is hot pink :D).

Unless Brielle posts something this weekend, this could be our last post till next week so be patient with us please!


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