Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maid of Honor Nails

Hi bloggers! 

Since Brielle posted her nails that she will have for her wedding (which is tomorrow!!!) I figured, being the best friend, maid of honor, and sister at heart; I should post my nails as well. The colors Brielle choose for her wedding were plum, lavender, and gray and my dress that I choose is a plum color. I also wanted something more understated like Brielle did because tomorrow is about her and her soon to be husband, not about her and my nails which is how things typically are! 

I choose to go with Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Wild Card. It's a sheer purple with a light pink sheen to it. I figured it would need at least three coats but two coats covered just fine. 

With Brielle's wedding tomorrow and the reception on Saturday, we're going to be pretty busy so there probably won't be a new post until next week. I'm planning on doing a water marble next week, I'll post it as long as it turns out alright. I've only done it a few times before so I'm still learning! 

Hope y'all have a good weekend! I know we will :) 



  1. This is a very pretty shade, Congrats to Brielle! oxoxo

  2. I passed two blog awards on to you see my blog for details!!