Wednesday, December 7, 2011

VitaSurge Growth Gel

Hi bloggers!

As I mentioned in my fall water marble post, my nails haven't been doing too good! Five of them broke all within a few days  of each other so I figured I would give a new growth treatment a go. I grabbed Sally Hansen VitaSurge Growth Gel with micro-encapsulated vitamins. It's a five day treatment for brittle nails that crack and break promising longer, healthy looking nails. Well I had all the best intentions of doing the five days I was suppose to, but I missed two days. I think missing the two days did make a difference but it didn't really affect how much I liked this product. First let's take a look at the bottle and applicator.
So it's green with little blue ball things throughout it. I was a little worried that it would leave my nails a little green but it didn't! I was surprised by the applicator. Instead of it being a brush, it was more like a lip gloss applicator. I thought it was a little strange but it worked well. You just applied it to your nail and massaged it in. It left a nice, natural look to your nails. On the left is my nails without anything before I started, and the right is after day five.

My nails that didn't break, didn't grow very much, but the nails that did break grew a decent amount. My pointer finger and middle ringer on my right hand (the last set of pictures) broke AGAIN during the five days so they didn't really grow at all.

Overall, I liked this product. I wish I would have followed through with the whole five days in order to have gotten better results which was my own fault. Also, the gel itself smells nice. It doesn't have a chemical, nail polish smell to it like a lot of growth treatments do so that was a nice plus. So, if your nails are doing poorly and you have five days to spear, this product is worth taking a looking at!

Be on the look out for some holiday nails soon!

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