Thursday, January 19, 2012

Melon of Troy with a little Peach-A-Boo

Hey guys!

Long time, no post! I'm so sorry but the holidays came and went, I went on vacation, my boyfriend moved states and it now here with me (yay! :D), and getting back on track with work it's been a little busy but here is a NOTD look I did in in the middle of all of it.

Melon of Troy from OPI, which I love. I got it as a present over the holidays.
And Peach-A-Boo from OPI on top, pretty sheer glittery peach that works wonderful on top of Melon of Troy. I loved this combo!

Oh! I wanted to tell you guys about my New Year's Resolution....which so far, so good. I decided that I am going to try not buy any nail polishes this year. I have so many polishes that I have only used once or some not at all so I want to start using more of my polishes and start making some frankens :) as well as save a little money! I know once the Hunger Games polishes come out on March, I will temporarily break my resolution but I will try to get back on track! Anyone else want to share their resolution with us?

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