Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Essie Marshmallow


Confession: I HAVE BEEN LUSTING OVER THIS POLISH FOR YEARRRSSSSSSSS! Okay, maybe a year or so, but it seems like FOREVER!


Santa finally put this in my stocking and I was SO EXCITED!

I know I posted about Mummy May I... OPI's Halloween white that I love! Well, where Mummy May I forges ahead in opaque whitey goodness, Marshmallow forges ahead in milky white goodness.

Oh my. I love this polish. Okay. In the picture, there are two coats on top of a ridge filling coat (my typical ORLY Ridgefiller) which is a white creamy consistency. My nails may look a little more opaque than they should, but by golly, they are beautiful!

This is a perfect way to start my new year! Clean and refreshing 2012! By the way, I cannot believe it's 2012! We're old! Haha.

I hope you are having the BEST start to the new year and are staying true to your resolutions (I'm terrible.. Adam and I never make any resolutions, to me they just seem silly since I break them so quickly) I guess if I had to have one, I just want to get off the couch more often whether it be seeing friends, going swimming, working out, whatever! Just getting out of the house every so often. Naturally, I am a Cancer, and we are homebodies! I just like being home with my husband and my doggies (they are great snugglers!). This can still happen! Just not every day all day! GO! SEE! DO!

Anyways ... Resolutions are a good thing ... I think!
Peace and love!

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