Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips: SPRING FEVER


Okay ya'll (ps, Adam and I totally want to become Southerners), it is getting warm up in the Midwest and I AM LOVING IT!

2012 has been hard on me because the place I am in life. I know, sob story, I'm in college blah blah blah. But no really, I just feel stuck. I'm ready to get on with life! AH! I seriously have only been doing my nails every other week or so. It's been rough.

So, we took a BREAK! Breaking from the stressors of school, work, teaching, everything. It was a time for us to recharge for these last six weeks of school before the summertime.

We went to Panama City Beach, Florida. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

All I can do is sigh. I love the beach, I am totally a child of the sun. SO GORGE! 

Anyways, on to the more important things.... nails. 

A few days before vacation I was really worried about what I would do with my nails, I mean I was NOT going to take polish to PCB with me. In came Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I was walking through MEIJER! And they caught my eye, how perfect for vacation, I thought. Laid down some cash and there I was.

We weren't leaving until Friday at 2am so I had time to quickly slap them on and get in the car for twelve hours. 

This was taken on my balcony, they worked so perfectly, they stayed on for the most part! They are the perfect vacation accessory!

Here's out they looked five days after application... 

Not too shabby considering all the wear and tear they were receiving at the beach!

I hope you all are enjoying the first day of spring and have warm weather!


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